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Why Simcenter?

Model the complexity

Innovation is complex. Predict behavior, enhance accuracy and be confident in earlystage designs

Explore the possibilities

Leverage complex models to fully explore the design space. Save time and gain insight into the digital world before committing to the final design..

Go Faster

Use AI-driven engineering to quickly respond to changes in customer preferences. Use scalable, cloud-based processes and the latest automated workflows.

Stay Integrated

Connect it all. Link all process & allign item in the most complex development environment

Simcenter Solutions and Products

Accurate performance engineering is crucial for product success, ensuring reliable delivery. Simcenter's solutions convert product complexity into a competitive advantage, providing empowerment for engineering teams. This empowerment enables them to push boundaries, tackle the most challenging problems, and expedite the introduction of innovations to the market. Simcenter's tools and methodologies not only streamline the design process but also foster a proactive approach, giving organizations a strategic edge in navigating the complexities of product development and market dynamics.

Simcenter Solutions Benefits

  • Utilize complex models for thorough design space exploration.
  • Gain insights into the digital world, saving time on final designs.
  • Gain efficiency in design decisions.
  • Turn product complexity into an advantage with Simcenter solutions.

Fluids and thermal simulation

Explore how you can leverage computational fluid dynamics and computational chemistry for an endless range of applications including external aerodynamics, multiphase and reacting flows, electronics cooling, material property predictions and many more.

  • STAR-CCM+ software.
  • SPH Flow software.
  • FLOEFD software.
  • Flotherm software.
  • Flotherm XT Software.
  • Culgi software

Mechanical simulation

Predict mechanical performance across multiple physics domains reducing reliance on physical prototypes.

  • Simcenter 3D software.
  • Nastran software.
  • Femap software.
  • Multimech software
  • Madymo software
  • Tire software

System simulation

Using Simcenter systems simulation solutions, you can evaluate and balance performance attributes from the early development stages.

  • Amesim software.
  • Flowmaster software.
  • System Analyst Software.
  • Webapp server

Integration solutions (MBSE)

Inform early concept phase design with insight from simulation models and verify system level performance against requirements.

  • Studio software.
  • System Architecture software.
  • Maintenance Aware Design environment (MADe).

Physical testing

Enhance testing processes and boost productivity and product innovation with these solutions for acquiring and processing data from physical tests.

  • Testlab software
  • SCADAS Hardware
  • Micred Quality Tester
  • Testlab Neo Software
  • Testxpress Software
  • Anovis System
  • Sound Camera System
  • Qsources Hardware
  • Micred T3STER (Power / LED / TIM)
  • Simcenter Soundbrush

Autonomy solutions

Smoother and productive journeys are the future of mobility. New trends point to vehicles with increased levels of driver assistance systems, eventually level 5 and then total autonomy. The variables to achieve this extend far beyond the vehicle, encompassing the surrounding environment. Testing designs in a mixed physical and simulated environment ensures confidence in product development before deployment.

  • Simcenter Prescan software.
  • Simcenter SCAPTOR system.

Electromagnetics simulation

Electromagnetic simulation helps you to improve efficiency, ensure compatibility and guarantee performance in a complex and noisy electromagnetic environment.

A range of dedicated solvers (time and frequency based, linear and nonlinear, finite and boundary element) offer a transformative CAE process, with simulations ranging from a fast, initial analysis to inherent realism for final verification.

  • MAGNET software.
  • SPEED software.
  • Motorsolve software.