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PLM Assessment

PDPA – Product Development Process Assessment

The PDPA is the first tool to getting on the right track towards operational efficiency. One of the most important factors for any organization’s success is the introduction of new products. As consumer demands change and adapt, organizations must constantly find ways to fulfill these demands usually through the development of new products or enhancements to existing products. The challenge to organizations is to find efficient processes to develop these new products from conception to realization while minimizing overall cost and development time.

PDVA – Vision Assessment

Product Development Vision Assessment – This is the next step beyond the PDPA to lay out a plan in the next 5 years to continuously improve the product development process assessment.

PDS Infrastructure Scalability Assessment

Windchill is a very complex product combining disparate technologies. General principals can be used for tuning, but then one needs to dive into some implementation details. The PISA methodology is a deep dive into a customer’s environment to address overall performance tuning or pinpoint performance troubleshooting.

Top down methodology to assess a customer’s PDS environment
  • Assess the infrastructure and architecture
  • CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network
  • Determine if hardware is appropriately sized for user community
  • Oracle tuning
  • Java tuning
  • Web server tuning
  • Windchill tuning
  • Is the operating system configured for high performance?
  • Check critical OS settings for Windows, Linux, or UNIX