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PLM Administration

RAPiDS Support (Teamcenter/Windchill)

Focus on your Product Development and Engineering while we keep your systems running at optimum levels. The RAPiDS(Remote Administration for Production Data Systems) offering is specifically designed to provide “proactive & pre-emptive” administration support for PLM (Windchill / Teamcenter) implementations as well as its related applications including Creo, NX, Solidworks.


PLM System Administration

ProductSpace will provide PLM application and system infrastructure support

PLM Business Administration

Business Administration of PLM (Windchill/Teamcener) and associated applications (Creo, NX, Solidworks) production implementation

PLM End-User Support

Helpdesk Global Support, Ticket Tracker System Web/Phone/Email, Best Practices on Product Usage ,Users Productivity & Performance Tech Support


ProductSpace maintains a team of experienced PLM (Windchill/Teamcenter) experts to provide remote administrative and end user support for its customers. This team based approach allows us to eliminate knowledge gaps in a complex set of technologies that make up the Windchill product. This enables ProductSpace to provide a comprehensive level of support for customers that is difficult to attain with a single onsite administrator. We provide proactive support for our customers by using application monitoring tools to alert us of potential problems before they occur. Furthermore, daily and weekly scheduled tasks are automatically created for us to manage the routine work that needs to be done for each customer. Our customers have direct access to the RAPiDS Team using a web based ticket tracker, a telephone hotline, and a group email address. This allows us to provide timely reactive support for issues that occur during the business day.

The deployment of the RAPiDS solution starts with a thorough analysis of the customer environment followed by tuning of the system for optimal performance and stability. Monitoring tools to track system availability and performance are also deployed in this phase. The customer is provided access to a ticket tracker to submit issues online along with a telephone hotline to directly contact a Windchill System Admin. RAPiDS solution is based on a fixed price subscription and there are no limits on the number of issues that can be reported. The RAPiDS solution includes Windchill system and business administration support.

Custom Pricing & Packaging

The sections below outline the general description of RAPiDS services. We have designed our pricing and packaging to meet varying requirements of our customers. The following are some examples of how customers can choose packages specific to their needs:

  • Fractional administration service if customer already has Windchill Administrator(s) on staff but need additional help with coverage and production/project utilities (Windchill Apps)
  • Fully outsourced & managed service covering all aspects of application support and administration
  • Geographical or Hours Coverage options: 24×7 or 12×5

Service Performance

System Uptime

99.5% system uptime of the Windchill application and database in production each month within the support window, subject to SLA terms

System Performance

ProductSpace will work with the customer in tuning the Windchill application and database to ensure optimal performance to the end users. If agreed upon performance thresholds are not satisfied on a consistent basis, ProductSpace will work with the customer and the software vendors in performing additional tuning of the system. If it is determined that the poor performance is due to lack of hardware resources, ProductSpace will provide recommendations to the customer for upgrading their hardware

Monthly Reporting

ProductSpace will provide a report with system and performance metrics at the end of each month of RAPiDS™ service.

This report will include the following information:
  • Status of system uptime SLA and amount of unplanned outages if any
  • Measurements of the KPIs established in the performance monitoring tool
  • Current status of the backup and recovery processes
  • Windchill usage profile for the month
  • Disk space utilization
  • Server CPU and memory utilization profile

Support Levels

The customer can report issues to the RAPiDS team either through the online system or over the phone. The timetable for resolution will depend on the exact nature of the problem including number of users affected.

The following guideline is used in the RAPiDS™ Ticket Tracker:

  • Emergency – System is unavailable for all users
  • High – System has an issue that affects a significant number of users (>75%)
  • Medium – System has an issue that affects a moderate number of users (>50%)
  • Low – System has an issue that affects a small number of users (<10%) or end user has an issue that requires attention

Customer Guide to
PLM Administration Support